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Welcome to Morgan's Ice Cream

Our Mission

Morgan’s Ice Cream is so much more than an ice cream parlor in many ways. Our goals are to offer delicious frozen treats and support people with disabilities while being responsible to our environment. The idea of opening an ice cream parlor has been in the works for years due to the owner’s experience as a special needs educator. She experienced first-hand the challenges some of the neuro-divergent individuals face in finding meaningful employment. Coupling Miami’s year-round warm weather with the popularity of frozen sweet treats across all ages, the decision to open an ice cream parlor seems logical. The other feature that sets Morgan’s Ice Cream apart from other ice cream retailers is we offer both local dairy’s premium ice cream products and exotic Asian treats like bubble teas and Korean Binzu (shaved ice). The goal is to provide a welcoming setting and delicious treats to our customers who choose to sit back and relax, or simply grab-and-go. Either way, they are dearly welcome. 

In life, we all acquire experiences that help us evolve as we grow, and along the way we develop our skills and potentials. The same path applies to the neurodivergent individuals. The difference is in order for them to acquire positive life experiences and develop strengths, they need support and understanding from people around them. So remember, each time you visit Morgan’s Ice Cream not only you get to enjoy delicious treats in a cheerful environment but you are also helping our employees explore and bolster their strengths, thereby bringing about  a positive impact on them. 

By the way, if you are wondering whether Morgan’s Ice Cream is named after a person, yes, it is. She is only a few scrolls away enjoying her ice cream. 

See you soon!

Our Treats

We offer a wide variety using the best ingredients.

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